COLMI V70 Smartwatch

COLMI V70 Smartwatch

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AMOLED: COLMI V70 uses a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen and has a unique AOD function, which is more convenient to use and saves power.
Super long battery life: COLMI V70 uses a large battery capacity of 410mAh, which has a longer battery life and makes you feel more confident when going out to play.
Zinc alloy shell: COLMI V70 uses a zinc alloy shell, which has high strength and hardness, is anti-fall and dust-proof, and is safer to use.
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  • Smart Watch COLMI V70 AMOLED (2)

    AMOLED screen

    COLMi V70 uses an AMOLED screen, which makes the picture more vivid and vivid. You can raise your hand and turn your wrist to turn on the screen, making it more convenient to use.

  • Smart Watch COLMI V70 Rugged Case (3)

    Rugged case

    It adopts zinc alloy metal frame, which has high strength and hardness, and has excellent waterproof, anti-fall and dust-proof properties.

  • Smart watch COLMI V70 silicone strap (4)

    Silicone strap

    The strap is made of silicone material and has a hole design, so the wearing length can be adjusted freely, making it comfortable and beautiful.

Smart watch COLMI V70 battery life (8)

Super battery life

The COLMi V70 smart watch uses a large battery with a capacity of 410mAh, which has a long battery life. You can travel and play with confidence without worrying about fast power consumption.

Smart Watch COLMI V70 Bluetooth (6)

Bluetooth call

COLMi V70 has a built-in microphone and speaker, supports making calls on the dial pad, and can store about ten contacts at the same time, allowing you to quickly find contacts.

Smart Watch COLMI V70 News (7)

Message notification

The COLMi V70 Bluetooth system is stable and can synchronize mobile phone information and provide message reminders. You can click on the information to view the details of the information.

  • Monitor blood oxygen

    COLMi V70 has the function of measuring blood oxygen and is equipped with a newly upgraded red light sensor, which can monitor the highest and lowest values of blood oxygen and understand the blood oxygen condition.

  • Heart rate measurement

    Optical heart rate sensor, whether you are exercising or resting, the smart watch can monitor your heart rate in real time, provide heart rate warning, and monitor changes in your heart rate.

  • Smart Watch COLMI V70 Blood Pressure (10)

    Blood pressure measurement

    Wrist blood pressure data can be monitored with one click. You can view blood pressure data and monitor blood pressure trends by raising your wrist. (Data is for reference only, specific medical data shall prevail)

Lots of exercise

It supports multiple sports modes such as hiking, cycling, and running, and monitors important data such as distance and speed in real time to help you explore a larger world.

Smart watch COLMI V70 records information (15)

Sports data

The smart watch COLMi V70 can measure data during exercise and generate exercise reports, allowing you to always understand your exercise status and make timely adjustments.

Smart watch COLMI V70 APP connection (16)

APP connection

When COLMi V70 is connected to the mobile APP, it can view a variety of data, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, exercise data, etc., making it more convenient to use.

COLMI V70 Smartwatch Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
V70 Smartwatch




Chip parameters

Main chip
JieLi JL7013A6

RAM 640KB ROM 128Mb

Heart rate chip

Waterproof level
IP68 Waterproof

Display parameters

Screen size
1.43 inch

Screen type

466*466 pixels

Touch type
Full screen touch

Battery parameters

Lithium polymer battery


Protection IC
Seiko Y1

Charging method
2pin magnetic Cable

Charging time
About 2h

Using time


App name
Da Fit

Android4.4 and above IOS8.0 and above HarmonyOS

Watch language
English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese.

App language
English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, traditionalChinese, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Latvian, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Pashto, Lithuanian, Estonian Slovenian, Croatian, Greek.

Watch features
Activity, Sleep, Heart Rate, Phone, Exercise, Exercise Records, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Weather, Messages, Shutter, Player, AIVoice, Timer, Alarm, Stopwatch, Cycle Tracking, Flashlight, Find Phone, Brightness, Auto-lock, Watch Face, Always On Display, Menu View, Wrist Raise, Vibration & Ring, DND Mode, Low Power Mode, Phone Call: On/Off, Media Audio, Phone Reset, Restart, Power Off, Reset, Version, QR Code.

App features
Steps, Distance, Calories, Walking time, Last 7 Days Steps, Steps compare with others, Sleep Monitor, Sleep Qudlity Score, Last 7 Days Sleep Trends, Heart Rate, Last 7 Times HR Trends, BP, Last 7 Times BP Trends, Blood Oxygen, Last 7 Times SpO2 Trends, Outdoor Running, More Training Data, Watch Remaining Battery, Watch Face, Watch Face Market, Notifications, Alarms, Shutter, Favorite Contacts, Find Device, Time Format, Unit System, Do Not Disturb Mode Setting, Reminders To Move, 24-Hours Heart Rate On/Off, Control Phone Music On/Off, Battery Saving Mode, Language, Screen Timeout, Reset, Quick View Setting, Drink Water Reminder Setting, Elevated Heart Rate, Weather Setting, Physiological Cycle Reminder, Cycle Days, Menstrual Days, Last Mensrtual Start Date, Physiological Cycle Reminder Mode, Physiological Cycle Reminder Time, Physiological Cycle Calendar, Upgrade, Goal Setting.

Appearance & Details

Watch material
Zinc Alloy+pC

Silicone strap

Strap width

Assembly mode

In The Box

Smart watch COLMI V70 detailed parameters (20)


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