COLMI R06 Smart Ring

COLMI R06 Smart Ring

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5ATM waterproof: The smart ring COLMI R06 supports 5ATM waterproof technology, allowing you to wear it with confidence.
Sports monitoring: COLMI R06 has a sports monitoring function, finger movements, recording steps, calories, distance...
Heart rate monitoring: COLMI R06 can measure heart rate data and understand your heart rate in real time.

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  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 chip design

    Shell material

    The outer ring is as gentle as jade, with a stainless steel shell and tens of thousands of CNC grinding and polishing operations to achieve ultimate durability.

  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 material

    Chip design

    Smart chips make smart ring control more convenient, leading a new trend in rings. Innovative chip, enjoy the smart ring experience.

  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 wear comfortable

    Light to wear

    Innovative experience, light and comfortable wearing, elegant art between fingers, not only smart but also relaxed and comfortable.

COLMI Smart Ring R06 sleep

Sleep monitoring

Understand your own sleep state, the proportion of REM, light sleep, and deep sleep in the entire sleep period. Only good sleep habits will lead to better health.

COLMI Smart Ring R06 heart rate

Blood oxygen test

blood oxygen monitoring
Blood oxygen is one of the important indicators of human health, and smart rings can accurately record your blood oxygen data.

COLMI Smart Ring R06 blood oxygen

Heart rate monitoring

Monitor your heart rate anytime and anywhere. Open the APP to view the heart rate data of the ring in the corresponding time period in real time.

  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 app connect

    APP generates activity statistics

    Supports recording of daily energy consumption, average daily steps, and daily/weekly/monthly data visualization.

  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 sports date

    APP connection

    The QRing App needs to be connected to the ring via Bluetooth on your phone, keep Bluetooth on, and automatically record relevant data.

  • COLMI Smart Ring R06 sport dates

    Record data

    The COLMI R06 smart ring can record exercise data, heart rate, sleep, etc., and the sensing data between fingers is more accurate.

COLMI R06 Smart Ring Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
R06 Smart Ring

Black, Gold

Ring Size
8#, 9#, 10#, 11#, 12#

5.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Ring Size

COLMI R06 Smart Ring size

Chip parameters

Main chip
BlueX Micro

Chipset Model

Compatible system
Android 5.1 or above, iOS 8.0 or above

Waterproof level



Heart Rate Sensor
Vcare VC30F


Battery type
Lithium polymer

15mAh(8#, 9#), 18mAh(10#, 11#, 12#)

Charging mode
Magnetic Charging Cable


App name

App language
Danish, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Hindi, Indonesian, Türkiye, Hebrew, Greek, German, Italian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian, English Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Malay

In The Box

COLMI Smart Ring R06 package


App Download

App: Google Play or APP Store