COLMI SR1 Smart Ring

COLMI SR1 Smart Ring

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Health record: COLMI SR1 smart ring can record your heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep and other health data to understand your health.
Super long battery life: COLMI SR1 smart ring has a long battery life. It can be used for about 7 days and has a standby time of 60 days on a single charge.
Control taking photos: COLMI SR1 smart ring can control the phone to take photos, gently swing it, and easily wake up the phone to take photos, which is easy to use.
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  • COLMI RS01 Smart Ring Battery

    Super long battery life

    The smart ring COLMI SR1 has a long battery life and can be used for a long time on a single charge. It is very durable.

  • COLMI RS01 smart ring chip 3

    Super chip

    Using the German DA14531 chip, the system runs smoothly, bringing you excellent performance and efficient smart experience.

  • Smart ring RS01 appearance

    Thin texture

    Comfortable and convenient to wear, and non-allergenic, the smart ring COLMI SR1 weighs 2.9 grams, has a light and thin texture, and is more worry-free.

Smart ring RS01 heart rate

Heart rate measurement

The heart rate is clear at a glance, using advanced dynamic monitoring technology to record your heart rate changes, allowing you to understand your health status anytime and anywhere.

Smart Ring RS01 Blood Oxygen

Blood oxygen measurement

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important indicators of heart health. The new optical sensor can quickly detect blood oxygen and prevent sudden diseases such as heart, lung and spinal cord.

COLMI RS01 smart ring sleep

Sleep measurement

Sleep monitoring records the complete sleep structure to understand your sleep status and the ratio of light sleep to deep sleep. Good sleep habits lead to better health.

  • Wave and take pictures

    Innovative design allows you to easily capture beautiful moments anytime, anywhere. Taking selfies to a new level, the beautiful smart ring can remotely control the camera, making it easy for you to become a professional photographer.

  • Sport mode

    It supports a variety of sports. After exercise, you can check the APP exercise data, such as exercise time, exercise distance, heart rate changes, calorie consumption, etc., to better understand the factors that affect health and exercise ability.

  • Download mobile APP

    To view monitoring data in real time, the ring needs to be connected via Bluetooth on your phone. Keep Bluetooth turned on. When the app is started, Bluetooth will automatically connect.

COLMI R02 Smart Ring Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
SR1 Smart Ring

Sliver, Gold

5.1 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)


COLMI RS01 smart ring size chart

Chip parameters

Main chip
German Dialog

Chipset Model

Compatible system
Android 5.0 and above; Apple IOS 10.0 and above

Waterproof level



Heart Rate Sensor
Tianyi 3602


Battery type
Lithium polymer


Charging mode
Magnetic Charging Cable


App name

App language
Danish, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Hindi, Indonesian, Türkiye, Hebrew, Greek, German, Italian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian, English Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Malay

In The Box

COLMI RS01 smart ring packaging picture


App Download

App: Google Play or APP Store