COLMi SKY 8 Smartwatch

COLMi SKY 8 Smartwatch

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View messages: COLMi SKY8 can view messages on the watch, read the messages completely, and avoid missing important messages.

Sports mode: COLMi SKY8 has 16 sports modes, which can record sports information, calories burned, etc., for healthy exercise.

Built-in games: COLMi SKY8 smart watch has 2 small games, which can reduce fatigue, relieve stress, and relax yourself properly.

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  • Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Screen Size (2)

    Screen size

    The round screen is 1.28 inches, full-screen touch, smart and convenient, allowing you to experience a high-tech sense of happiness.

  • Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Thin Body (3)

    Thin body

    COLMi SKY8 is light in weight, thin in body, comfortable to wear, stress-free, and looks good, making it easy to wear the watch.

  • Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Silicone Strap (4)

    Silicone strap

    The smart watch with silicone strap is easy to disassemble, and you can change the color you like. It is wear-resistant, easy to clean, and of good quality.

Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Sports Mode (6)

Sports mode

COLMi SKY8 has 16 sports modes, including cycling, climbing, yoga, dancing, rope skipping, playing ball, indoor, outdoor and other sports for you to choose from.

Smart watch COLMi SKY8 record information (7)

Record data

COLMi SKY8 can record exercise data, understand your exercise time, number of exercise steps, energy consumed, generate exercise data reports, and better analyze your exercise conditions.

Smart watch COLMi SKY8 APP connection (8)

APP connection

In the APP, you can see your exercise records more intuitively, including daily, weekly, and monthly exercise conditions, and you can perform better physical exercise.

  • Smart watch COLMi SKY8 synchronization information (10)

    Synchronization information

    Supports synchronizing mobile phone messages, can reach the watch interface through Bluetooth transmission, and set vibration reminders to prevent you from missing important information.

  • Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Weather Forecast (11)

    Weather forecast

    It supports weather forecast and understands weather information. After the watch is connected to the mobile phone, you can check the weather conditions at any time and prepare for travel.

  • Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Music Control (12)

    Music Control

    COLMi SKY8 can control the music playback of the mobile phone, realize the external playback function of the watch, support the playback of the previous song and the next song, and enjoy the music journey.

Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Blood Oxygen Monitoring (14)

Blood oxygen measurement

COLMi SKY8 can measure your blood oxygen concentration value, understand your blood oxygen status, and connect the APP to transmit the blood oxygen data to the mobile phone, and analyze the data more clearly and intuitively.

Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Heart Rate Monitor (15)

Heart rate measurement

When measuring, the built-in heart rate sensor of the watch can sense the state, emit green light, support 24-hour heart rate measurement, and generate a heart rate measurement report.

Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Sleep Monitoring (16)

Sleep monitoring

COLMi SKY8 can record sleep information, know your deep sleep, light sleep, wake up time, help you adjust your sleep state and improve sleep quality.

COLMi SKY8 Smartwatch Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
SKY8 Smartwatch

Black, Pink, Yellow, White

Bluetooth 5.1


Detailed parameters of smart watch COLMi SKY8 (22)

Chip parameters

Main chip

Heart rate chip


Waterproof level
IP67 Waterproof

Display parameters

Screen size
1.28 inch

Screen type

240*240 pixels

Touch type
Full screen touch

Battery parameters

Lithium polymer battery


Protection IC
Seiko Y1

Charging method
2pin magnetic Cable

Charging time
About 2h

Using time


App name
Da Fit

Android4.4 and above IOS8.0 and above HarmonyOS

Watch language
English , Chinese , Japanese , Korean , German , French , Spanish , Arabic , Russian , traditional Chinese , Ukrainian , Italian , Portuguese , Polish , Czech

App language
English , Simplified Chinese , Japanese , Korean , German , French , Spanish , Arabic , Russian , traditional Chinese , Ukrainian , Italian , Portuguese , Dutch , Polish , Swedish , Finnish , Denmark , Norway , Hungary , Czechia , Bulgak Latvian , Indonesian , Thai , Turkish , Vietnamese , Hindi , Pashto , Lithuanian , Estonian Slovenian , Croatian , Greek

Watch features
Steps, Training mode, HR monitor, BP monitor, Spo2 monitor, Sleep monitor, Wear detect, Breathe, Message, No disturbance, Weather, Music remote, Camera remote, Quick view, Timer, Alarm clock, Flashlight, Theater, Watch faces, Game, Brightness

App features
Steps, Outdoor running, HR monitor, HR record, BP monitor, BP record, Spo2 monitor, Spo2 record, Sleep monitor, Reminders to move, Notifications, Do not disturb, Weather, Shutter, Find device, Alarms, Language, Quick view setting , Watch faces, OTA

Appearance & Details

Watch material

Silicone strap

Strap width

Assembly mode

In The Box

Smart Watch COLMi SKY8 Package Contents (21)


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