COLMI P8 Pro Smartwatch

COLMI P8 Pro Smartwatch

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We found some online retailer selling fake P8 Pro, the Bluetooth name of the real COLMI P8 pro is P8 pro. So, we recommend buying smart watches sold only by our official store.

P8 PRO is COLMI's new generation of smart watches with body temperature monitoring, which also has heart rate and sleep monitoring functions.

Keep abreast of changes in body temperature and understand your physical health

> Workout: All-Day Activity Tracking, IP67 waterproof, 8 Exercise Modes, Stopwatch, Sports Data Report.
> Health: 24/7 Heart Rate,Thermometer,Sleep monitor, Reminders to Move.
> Life: Smartphone Notifications, Alarm clock, Weather, Shutter, Control music, Brightness,Theater.

With COLMI P8 PRO Smart Watch on your wrist, a healthier, more active, more connected life is within reach.

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