COLMI i30 Smartwatch

COLMI i30 Smartwatch

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Clearer screen: COLMI i30 has a 1.36-inch AMOLED screen with 360*360 clear pixels, allowing you to enjoy better visual effects.

Stronger main chip: COLMI i30 adopts RTL8762D main chip, which has fast calculation and gives you a super running experience.

Larger memory: COLMI i30 has 5 groups of UI interactions, 13 sports modes waiting for you to choose, fast running speed, no worry about jamming.

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  • Smart Watch COLMi i30 AMOLED Screen (2)

    AMOLED screen

    The 1.36-inch AMOLED high-definition display is large and clear, with better visual effects and better use effects.

  • Smart Watch COLMi i30 Dual Button (3)

    Double button

    Two-button design, the threaded button can be rotated to change 10 dials, and the ordinary button can be short-pressed to directly enter the sports mode.

  • Smart Watch COLMi i30 Magnetic Charging (4)

    Magnetic charging

    COLMi i30 adopts double-hole magnetic charging, aligning the positive and negative poles, easy to charge, short charging time and long use time.

Smart watch COLMi i30 call function (6)

Call function

The watch has its own microphone and speaker, which can make, answer, and hang up calls, and remind you of incoming calls to avoid missing important calls.

Smart Watch COLMi i30 Information Function (7)

Information function

Downloading the APP can realize the information notification function, accept WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, Facebook and other messages, and realize instant reading.

Smart Watch COLMi i30 Smart Voice (8)

Intelligent voice

Intelligent voice function, direct voice dialogue, can truly liberate hands, save time and effort, intelligent and convenient.

  • Smart Watch COLMi i30 Sports Mode (10)

    Sports mode

    COLMi i30 has 13 sports modes, including playing basketball, playing football, skipping rope, running, etc. There is always a suitable sport for you, let’s move together.

  • Smart watch COLMi i30 records data (11)

    Record data

    COLMi i30 can record exercise data, understand your exercise time, exercise pace, and calories burned, so that you can better know your exercise status.

  • Smart watch COLMi i30 APP connection (12)

    APP connection

    After connecting to the APP, you can know the exercise data more clearly, and the APP can record the exercise status of the day, week, and month.

Smart Watch COLMi i30 Sleep (14)


Support sleep monitoring, can calculate your deep sleep, light sleep, wake up time during sleep, provide sleep report, improve your sleep quality.

Smart Watch COLMi i30 Blood Oxygen (15)

Blood oxygen

COLMi i30 can measure the blood oxygen level, connect to the APP, and can synchronize the data to the mobile phone, so that you can understand your physical condition more clearly and provide protection for your health.

Smart Watch COLMi i30 Heart Rate (16)

Heart rate

It supports 24-hour monitoring anytime, anywhere, and you can set an early warning reminder. When it reaches a certain height, an early warning notification will be issued, which is safe and practical.

COLMi i30 Smartwatch Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
i30 Smartwatch

Black, Silver, Gold

Bluetooth 5.1


Detailed parameters of smart watch COLMi i30 (20)

Chip parameters

Main chip
Realtek RTL8762DT

Secondary chip
JieLi HN333

Heart rate chip

Waterproof level
IP68 Waterproof

Display parameters

Screen size
1.3 inch

Screen type

360*360 pixels

Touch type
Full screen touch

Battery parameters

Lithium polymer battery


Protection IC
Seiko Y1

Charging method
2pin magnetic Cable

Charging time
About 2h

Using time


App name

Android4.4 and above IOS8.0 and above HarmonyOS

Watch language
Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Thailand, Finnish, Vietnamese, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian

App language
Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatia, Hungary, Turkish, Greek, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Persian, Thai, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Albania, Arabic, Korean

Watch features
User Interface, Telephone, Contact, Call records, Step data, Voice assistant, Workout, Workout records, Heart rate, Sleep, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, Messages, Weather, Physiological cycle, Music, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm clock, Find phone, Menu style, Watch face switch, Brightness, Screen time, Raise to wake, AOD clock, Battery, Power saving mode, Vibration intensity, Language, QR code, Password, System info, Shutdown, Reset

App features
Steps, Burned, Distance, Goal, Physiological cycle, Sleep, Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, Notifications, Alarms, Activity reminder, Drink reminder, Dial library, Local dial, Weather, Raise to wake, Elevated health monitor, Automatic health monitor, Find watch, Wrist preference, Heour style, Frequent contacts, Shake phonegraph, Exercise goal, Units, Women's health, Wechat sports(For Android and Hammoy), Apple health(For iOS), Settings

Appearance & Details

Watch material
Zinc alloy+iML

silicone strap

Strap width

Assembly mode

In The Box

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