We hope the products purchased at COLMI are of good use and that you love using them. All items we ship undergo strict quality control. Our guarantee offers coverage on all items sold in our store.

One year warranty.


1. Customers must first send a clear photo or video of the damaged or defective product and the shipping carton before we can consider refunding or resending your product. Use good lighting and near-average distance so that we can identify and verify the problem (s). Attachment size should be below 2MB for the Support Center, please send larger attachments to: support@colmi.com.

2. After COLMI receives the returned product and confirms that the product is defective, the return shipping cost will be refunded based on a valid return receipt. For example, if the return shipping fee is $ 15, COLMI will refund the same amount to the customer. If our technical team determines that the item is free from defects or malfunctions, COLMI will not compensate for the return shipping charge. Requests for reimbursement for a freight charge will only be made upon presentation of a valid freight receipt.

3. Returns of the product must be made through one of the shipping methods approved by COLMI; our Support Center can provide more details.


Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for unopened and unused items

If, for any reason, you do not want your item within 30 days after receiving it, you may also contact our customer service team for a return and refund. It is important that in such cases, the return shipping fee is the responsibility of the customers and is not refundable. Items MUST be returned in the original, unused, and sealed packaging to ensure product reimbursement.


Repair Warranty (Technical Support)

COLMI only has repair stations in China, so you need to send the products to China. We will send them back to you after repair. (Note: Customers pay for transportation). If after the stated warranty periods there is a problem with your product, we recommend that you contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you.


Warranty Disclaimers:

1. The degradation of the natural product through wear, along with breakage / damage during use, is the sole responsibility of the customer and is not covered by our warranties.

2. If the customer has damaged / abused the item (s), the product warranty will be immediately voided. No compensation is available in these cases. However, customers can contact us to purchase a replacement or spare parts (if applicable). We will charge the original value of the components and a shipping fee to ship them.

The customer will void the warranty if:
- A firmware change of a device is performed.
- Open the item in an attempt to repair it.
- Modify, remove, customize or change parts of the product.
- Use the device in a way that is not originally intended.
- Continue to use the item once a failure occurs and causes further damage.

3. All returns must be pre-authorized by COLMI's customer service team. For incomplete warranty requests, COLMI reserves the right to refuse any compensation. If the customer returned the package without prior authorization, to the wrong address, sent the wrong item or an empty package, COLMI reserves the right to refuse any compensation.

4. All returns will be inspected by our staff upon arrival. If the returned item can not be repaired, COLMI will offer a workaround.

1. In case of misuse, any and all repairs, accessories and shipping charges, in both directions, are the total responsibility of the customer.


How to request a guarantee (Return, and Refund)

If your item has a problem, first contact our customer service team support@colmi.com.
Please carefully follow our warranty process to minimize delays:

1. Describe the problem with the item detail: what happened? When? As? Please also indicate the number of your complete order.

2. If you have taken any action to solve the problem, please also describe the actions taken.

3. Send a clear photo showing the defect (s); these should be taken under good lighting.

Note: Photos should ideally be clear and focused, taken in good lighting conditions, and near-average distance. This will allow us to identify and verify the problem (s). We will always do our best to help you. Thanks in advance for providing all of the above information.


Missing item (s), wrong item (s) or incorrect packet sent

Be sure to open the package and carefully check the contents when you receive your product, for any problem, carefully follow our warranty process to minimize delays:

1. Contact our customer service team with your product number request.

2. Send us a clear picture of the outer carton, all visible shipping labels, and (if applicable) the received item.

Possible Solutions:
- If there is an item missing, we will resend the missing item / accessory free of charge within the warranty period.
- If we send the wrong item, we will refund it in full or send an alternate item (if applicable and available). Squalo will decide if you need to return the wrong product or not and compensate for the return shipping fee when we receive it.