COLMi M42 Motion Functions

Yang Yang

COLMi M42 is a smart watch with rich sports modes, which can help users better understand their sports status and data. The following are the steps to use COLMi M42 about sports mode and viewing sports data.

(1) Enter the sports mode: Click the watch sports icon to enter the sports mode, and you can choose a variety of sports modes, such as running, cycling, etc. After selecting the corresponding exercise mode, the watch will start recording your exercise data.

(2) Start exercising: Before starting exercising, you can set exercise goals. After turning on the exercise mode, the watch will start to automatically record your exercise data, including steps, calorie consumption, distance, etc.
(3) View exercise data: You can view exercise data in real time on the watch, such as steps, calories burned, exercise distance, etc.

In short, the COLMi M42 smart watch has a wealth of sports modes and functions, allowing you to better understand your sports status and data. The steps are simple and the operation is very convenient. It is a good companion in your sports life.

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