COLMi P68 Music Control Function

Yang Yang

The COLMi P68 is a high-quality smartwatch with a variety of useful functions, including controlling music playback. In the following we will introduce in detail how to use the control music playback function on COLMi P68.

Step 1: Connect Smartphone
First, you need to connect COLMi P68 with your smartphone to allow the watch to control music playback. Open the Bluetooth connection settings and pair the watch with your smartphone. Make sure the connection is successful before you can use the next functions.

Step 2: Open the Music app
Next, you need to open a music player app on your phone, such as Spotify or Apple Music. Make sure your music playlist is ready and you can play and pause music whenever you want.

Step 3: Use the watch to control the music player
After opening the music player on your smartphone, you can control it on the COLMi P68. Tap the watch screen, then swipe up, and you'll see several options, including music playback controls. Click the play/pause button to control the playback and pause of music.

It is very convenient to control the music player on the COLMi P68, which allows you to quickly control the music without having to operate the phone. Through the above steps, you can easily control the music player and enjoy music. If you are looking for a high-quality smart watch with rich practical functions, then COLMi P68 is definitely your best choice.

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