COLMi P60 controls music playback function

Yang Yang

COLMi P60 is a smart watch that can be used to control music playback. Here are the steps to control music playback:

1. Make sure your smart watch is connected to your phone.
2. Turn on the music player on your mobile phone and start playing music.
3. On your COLMi P60 watch, swipe right on the watch screen to find the music controller icon, tap it to open the music controller.

4. Once the music controller is turned on, you can see the information of the currently playing song.
5. You can control music playback by clicking the buttons on the music controller, including play/pause, next song and previous song.
6. You can also use the volume buttons to adjust the volume.
7. If you want to disconnect the music player from the smart watch, please click the stop button on the music controller.

These steps can help you easily control music playback on your COLMi P60 smartwatch.

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