COLMi M42 view information function

Yang Yang

The smart watch COLMi M42 has information viewing function. Users can check the mobile phone notifications, text messages, phone calls and other information at any time. The following is the usage steps of COLMi M42 for information viewing.

(1) Connect to the mobile phone: First, connect the COLMi M42 smart watch to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. After the connection is successful, the watch will automatically synchronize your mobile phone notifications, text messages and other information.

(2) View information: When you receive a new notification or text message, the watch will vibrate to remind you and display a summary of the relevant information. Click on the watch screen to view the complete information content.

In short, through the COLMi M42 smart watch, users can check the notifications and text messages of the mobile phone at any time. The steps are simple and the operation is very convenient. It is a good companion for your mobile life.

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