Call function of COLMi P60

Yang Yang

COLMi P60 is a smart watch, it has a call function. To use the call function of COLMi P60, please follow the steps below to set up:

1. First, open the "Settings" application on your watch.

2. Swipe the watch screen and find the "Bluetooth" option, then turn on the Bluetooth function.
3. Then, please make sure that your phone has been successfully paired with your watch. If not, follow the Bluetooth pairing steps between your phone and watch.
4. Next, find the "Phone" app on your watch and open it.
5. If you have not set a phone number before, the watch will prompt you to enter a phone number. Enter the phone number you want to call and click the dial button.

6. If you have set up a phone number before, you can dial it directly. Find the phone number you want to call in the Phone app and tap the Dial button.

7. Once you start making a call, you can use the built-in microphone and speaker on the watch to talk.

8. If you want to mute or end the call during the call, please use the corresponding button on the watch.

Please note that you need to ensure that your watch and mobile phone are successfully connected to Bluetooth in order to successfully use the call function of COLMi P60.

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