Bluetooth Calling Function of COLMi M42

Yang Yang

The COLMi M42 is a smartwatch with many intelligent functions, including Bluetooth calling, which is its unique feature. How to use the COLMi M42 for Bluetooth calling? Below are the steps:

(1) Turn on the COLMi M42 smartwatch: Long press the side button of the watch, the watch will turn on and display the main interface.
(2) Connect Bluetooth: Swipe down the screen of the watch, open the calling icon, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, find the Bluetooth connection option, click it, and it will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. After finding the device you want to connect to, click the device name to connect.

(3) Make Bluetooth phone calls: In the main interface of the watch, swipe left to enter the dialing interface, choose to enter the phone number or select from the contact list to dial. During the call, the watch will vibrate to remind you, and the microphone and speaker will be turned on for two-way conversation.

(4) Answer Bluetooth phone calls: When there is an incoming call, the watch will vibrate and display the incoming phone number. The watch will display the options to answer or reject the call, and users can click the button to answer the phone call.

(5) End the call: After the call ends, the watch will automatically hang up. Users can also manually end the call and view the call records on the watch.

Using COLMi M42 for Bluetooth calling is a novel experience that makes life more convenient and fast for people. The above are simple steps, users only need to follow the instructions to operate.

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