Which smartwatch is right for you? ——COLMi P20 Plus

Which smartwatch is right for you? ——COLMi P20 Plus

Yang Yang
As a sports smart watch, COLMi P20 Plus is light and comfortable, loved by everyone, practical and has multiple functions.

Large screen design: COLMi P20 Plus adopts a 1.83-inch high-definition color display screen, which is clear and convenient for users to read.

Multiple sports modes: COLMi P20 Plus supports multiple sports modes, including running, cycling, hiking, etc., which can provide more accurate sports data for different sportsmen, and provide real-time feedback during the exercise to help you better grasp own exercise status.

Health monitoring: COLMi P20 Plus can track your steps, calorie consumption, heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen level and other health data, which can let you better understand your health status, so as to make a more scientific and effective health plan.

Waterproof design: COLMi P20 Plus has an IP687 waterproof design, which can prevent handwashing water, sweat, etc. in life, and is convenient for users to use.

Message reminder: COLMi P20 Plus can be paired with your mobile phone to receive notifications from your mobile phone, such as incoming calls, text messages, social media notifications, etc., so that you will never miss important information.

Long standby time: The battery capacity of COLMi P20 Plus is 230mAh, the standby time can reach 15 days, and the use time can reach 5~7 days, which can meet the needs of users for long-term use.

Multi-language support: COLMi P20 Plus supports multiple languages, which is convenient for users from different countries and regions.

To sum up, COLMi P20 Plus has the advantages of complete functions, excellent performance, reasonable design, and convenient use. It is suitable for male and female athletes.
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