Only by loving yourself can you love the people you love better. Your health is the most important.

Yang Yang

Do you often stay up late or have trouble sleeping?
I28 Ultra has a built-in high-precision sleep detection algorithm, which has collected sleep data from over a million people and built a sleep data model that can accurately measure deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement.

Do you often feel unwell after strenuous exercise?
I28 Ultra is designed with 120 exercise modes, including equipment-free exercise, gym equipment exercise, intense, and not intense. You can choose the appropriate exercise mode according to your actual physical condition and preferences.
I28 Ultra will record your multiple physical parameters and exercise data in detail during your exercise.
The heart rate alarm function can also remind you when your heart rate is too fast to reduce the amount of exercise and give your heart a chance to rest.

Are you too busy to drink water?
I28 Ultra thoughtfully provides a daily reminder function to drink water. Regular and quantitative reminders require adequate water intake to ensure good health.

I28 Ultra, designed for your health

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