COLMI:Your First Smartwatch

Yang Yang

COLMI is not a low -cost product

It is the crusher of the smart watch within 50 US dollars

This is not exaggerated at all

Similar to the same configuration as COLMI i28 Ultra, other brands have a brand bargain, dare to sell hundreds of dollars

The same configuration of COLMI, only sells less than 50 dollars

Only COLMI dares to be less than 50 US dollars, and give you a 1.43 -inch high brightness AMOLED screen

Only COLMI dares to be equipped with a dual -core CPU of 32bit 192MHz

Other brands may be guilty at this price

COLMI as the persuasion of fans

Not only adds worship time reminders on the watch, and stock information query

There is also a GPT function that has more than a hundred dollars of watches or more

Not to mention the recently upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 and more than a hundred sports modes

There are also unexpected APP full set of fitness tutorials

Only COLMI dares to give a price of less than $ 50

Only COLMI is really cost -effective

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