COLMi P60 is new, let you enjoy a smarter life!

COLMi P60 is new, let you enjoy a smarter life!

Yang Yang

COLMi P60 is a new product. It is not just an ordinary smart watch, but also a very practical mobile device. It has various functions such as calling function, viewing information, rotating button, dynamic UI, etc. Smarter.

  1. Call function: COLMi P60 supports calls, easy to answer calls, communicate more conveniently, free your hands, and allow you to keep in touch on various occasions.
  1. Information viewing: COLMi P60 can receive various information pushes, including text messages, social networks, emails, etc., and easily realize message synchronization. 
  1. Rotary button: COLMi P60 is equipped with a unique rotary button, which can quickly switch various operation modes, such as call, message, music, health, etc., which is more convenient to use.
  1. Dynamic UI: The interface design of COLMi P60 is very good. It adopts a new dynamic UI design to make your operation more intuitive, smooth and beautiful. You can customize themes and watch faces according to your preferences to make your watch unique.

In addition, COLMi P60 is also equipped with a variety of health monitoring functions, such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc., so that you can better pay attention to your health status. At the same time, it also supports various sports modes, such as steps, running, cycling, etc., to help you exercise more scientifically.

The launch of COLMi P60 marks a new round of development in the smart watch industry. Its call function, information view, rotary button, dynamic UI and other practical functions make your life more convenient and intelligent. Whether you are a business person, a student, or an outdoor enthusiast, it can satisfy you

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